If you are interested in therapy, visiting a psychologist in Calgary is a great way to start your healing journey. It’s natural to have questions regarding this form of therapy. Patients will want to know about medication, how they will be diagnosed and other details regarding the clinic. 

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding psychologists is whether they prescribe medication. Many patients are not even sure if psychologists believe in medication. The answer is yes, psychologists do believe in medication although they cannot prescribe medication in Canada because their approach and techniques focus primarily on therapeutic solutions first. Many of their treatments for psychological conditions have been proven to be effective through behavioural and cognitive therapy which is why this is the starting point. 

Psychologists keep an open mind to wherever the situation may go and work towards the best solution for each client. This may include medication and they may recommend a medication route to supplement and assist progress made through ongoing therapy

Can psychologists diagnose disorders and conditions?

Some psychologists can, although this requires the proper training and certification within an area of expertise. Just like there are different types of doctors or professors, there are also different types of psychologists. 

An educational psychologist for example would not be able to diagnose mental health disorders because they are entirely different approaches and fields of study. Psychologists trained in mental health cannot administer testing or diagnose educational or cognitive disorders. 

Can psychologists prescribe medication?

No, psychologists cannot prescribe medication in Canada. Only doctors or nurse practitioners can prescribe medication. Psychologists exclusively study the brain and how it functions. They also study how the brain’s operations manifest in the body. 

Which types of psychologists can prescribe medication?

No type of psychologist can prescribe medication. A therapist with the education and credentials needed to make prescriptions is a psychiatrist. This is a person who has gone to medical school and who has completed an additional seven years of mental health and psychological education. This distinction affects the type of service you can expect from a therapist. 

Psychologists try non-medication routes first. They will use non-medication methods to treat disorders because many conditions respond well to behavioural therapies. Non-medication techniques cause less stress on the body and are more sustainable overall because they are not dependent on daily medication. Sometimes, the non-medication route is not always effective, however. For many forms of depression or schizophrenia for example, non-medication techniques are not always feasible, and a reputable psychologist will identify the best route forward based on the patient’s specific circumstances. 

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