Cultivate Meaningful Relationships and Regain Emotional Health Through AEDP Therapy

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) is another approach to stress and trauma recovery at Choice Point Psychological Services.

 What is AEDP? AEDP is an experiential approach that gives clients corrective emotional and relational experiences in therapy that can help to rewire maladaptive attachment behaviours and patterns. From an AEDP perspective, psychological suffering is maintained due to difficulties with processing emotionally overwhelming and traumatic experiences. Recovery from these experiences can unlock extraordinary capacities. AEDP seeks to empower individuals to repair their mind-body connection. The goal is to help individuals understand how their life experiences affect their emotions and how their feelings influence their thoughts and actions.

 What can I expect? Through a warm, safe, and curious relationship with the therapist, you can work to recover from the challenging experiences you have had and learn ways of releasing the uncomfortable inner experiences that go along with them. You can also become aware of no longer functional patterns of relating to others and work towards new ways of connecting through practice in session. AEDP is an attachment-based approach and is evidence-based. You can heal from traumatic experiences and develop lifelong skills for emotion regulation that can serve you in the future. One of these skills is the change triangle (Dr. David Malan, 1970; Diana Fosha, Ph.D., 2000). The change triangle is a practical tool that helps you to understand the connection between your defenses, inhibitory emotions, and core emotions. This understanding provides you with an applied tool to use between sessions to check in with yourself emotionally and experience emotional release. 

 What can AEDP help with? In one study, AEDP was found effective with a variety of psychological symptoms and issues, including depression, emotion dysregulation, negative thoughts, experiential avoidance, and interpersonal problems (Iwakabe et al., 2020, 2022). AEDP also effectively enhances positive functioning, such as self-compassion, well-being, and self-esteem (Iwakabe et al., 2020, 2022). These improvements were observed after 16 sessions, and results were maintained over 12 months in all areas of functioning (Iwakabe et al., 2020, 2022).

 AEDP at Choice Point Psychological Services: We believe in the strength of individuals to overcome trauma and build resilience through AEDP, an evidence-based therapeutic approach. We have a therapist trained and dedicated to effective use of this approach. She can work with you to reach your mental health goals and achieve long-term benefits.

 Ready to embark on your path to healing and empowerment? Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discover how Accelerated Resolution Therapy at Choice Point Psychological can help you reclaim your way of relating to yourself and others and overcome the pain of your past. Reach out today to discover the healing potential of this unique approach!