Meet the Team

Karina McGregor

Registered Psychologist, Owner

My name is Karina! I am a Registered Psychologist and the Owner of Choice Point Psychological Services. I am passionate about mental health and I have been in the helping professions field for over 11 years. During this time, I have worked with many diverse adults, youth, and families in a variety of settings ranging from non-profit organizations, community health care, and private practice. The common theme I observed across all the professional roles I have had is that people are inherently resilient. I have had the pleasure of witnessing people from all walks of life persevering despite some of what seemed to be the most insurmountable conditions. I am constantly amazed by the strength of people and bearing witness to inner strength gives me life in this field!

​In my personal life, you can expect to see me in the stands at my sons’ hockey practices or going for long walks in my community with my husband, boys and loyal pup. I am a homebody at heart, but I like to try new things and have some laughs with my select few. I like to find the light side to things and sarcasm is my thing. I look forward to getting to know one another and I welcome a free live or phone consultation to see if I am right for your journey!


  • A Trauma, PTSD, Complex Trauma, Dissociative-spectrum conditions
  • A Anxiety (General, Perfectionism tendencies, High Performers, etc.)
  • A Depression
  • A Emotional regulation difficulties (anger management, mood swings, etc.)
  • A Burnout, Stress, & Life transitions
  • A Workplace injury


  • A Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Athabasca University
  • A Registered Psychologist
  • A EMDR Basic Training (75 hours of course work, 10 supervision hours)
  • A Easy Ego State Intervention Training for EMDR Clinicians – Robin Shapiro
  • A Acceptance and Commitment Therapy basic training – John & Jamie Forsyth
  • A Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for the treatment of trauma – Russ Harris
  • A Adapting the EMDR protocol for First Nations, Metis, Inuit, Non-Status Indigenous populations – Shelly Pompana
  • A Treating Complex PTSD training – Dr. Eric Gentry
  • A Currently working towards Internal Family Systems (IFS) Circle of Support (IFS informed therapy training) – IFS Institute
  • A Near completion of EMDR certification (20 hours of supervision) through EMDR Canada/EMDRIA

Dr. Pinar Caglayan

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Taking a waitlist for November

My name is Pinar. I am a registered Provisional Psychologist and I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I am currently offering my psychological services with Choice Point. I have provided psychotherapy for 10 years in different settings including non-profit organizations, a University psychological clinic, and private practice.

My primary therapeutic approach is cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) but I also integrate other therapeutic models including prolonged exposure therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness. I tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs. I provide one on one treatment for adults and adolescents and my priority has always been to build a strong therapeutic relationship. I believe trust is important for us to build in order to go through the exploration process about your difficulties, as well as your strengths. I seek to understand your worldview and your values from a non-judgmental stance. For me, our collaboration and trust are the crucial part of finding your inner self and your needs. I am also able to provide psychotherapy in the Turkish language. During my graduate training, I focused my research on post-traumatic growth among motor-vehicle accident survivors.


  • A Anxiety
  • A Depression
  • A PTSD and trauma (sexual assault trauma, motor vehicle accident trauma, childhood trauma)
  • A Relationship Difficulties
  • A Life transitions following immigration to Canada
  • A Parenting stress
  • A Anger management


  • A PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • A Wrote my PhD Thesis on Post-Traumatic Growth Among Motor Vehicle Accident Survivors
  • A Registered Provisional Psychologist
  • A Member of the Psychological Association of Alberta
  • A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy basic training (100 hours of coursework)
  • A Cognitive Behavioural Group Supervision, including group therapy training (500+ hours)
  • A Owned my own psychotherapy practice in Turkey
  • A Prolonged Exposure Therapy training (32 hours of coursework
  • A Interest in Internal Family Systems (IFS) training and receiving IFS-informed Provisional supervision

Click below to see two of my academic publications.

Sarah O’Brien

Registered Psychologist

Accepting New Clients

My name is Sarah! I am a registered psychologist who has been working in private practice for the past 3 years. Before that I completed my clinical residency in a community heath setting, and graduated with a Masters in Counselling Psychology in 2018. I also have a background in nursing having obtained my nursing diploma in 2007. I retired from nursing in 2012 in order to pursue my psychology degrees full-time.

I currently live with my young family, and work out of Calgary. I am passionate about writing, design, continuing education and spending time with my family. I am actively pursuing EMDR basic training which will be completed mid to late 2022. I have worked with individuals from a variety of different backgrounds with concerns ranging from trauma, (PTSD and c-PTSD) depression and anxiety, to life transitions and effective communication strategies.

I would describe myself as a bit of an “indoor” type of gal that appreciates a good book and specialty coffees. That being said, I do enjoy jaunts to the rockies with lots of sunshine and fresh air with my family. I appreciate a good comedy and LOVE horror movies and a captivating mystery. I’m kind of a nerd who loves art, design, chocolate, and cheese, though not necessarily in that order!


  • A Anxiety
  • A Depression
  • A PTSD and trauma (adult single event or multiple events trauma, childhood trauma)
  • A Substance use difficulties 
  • A ADHD
  • A Pain and sleep management
  • A Personality disorders (cluster B)


  • A Master’s in Counselling Psychology
  • A Registered Psychologist
  • A Licensed Practical Nursing Diploma
  • A Honours BA with a specialization in Psychology
  • A Scott Miller’s Feedback Informed Treatment Training
  • A EMDR Basic Training (in-progress) 
  • A 63 hours of clinical practice seminars (CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy) – Calgary Counselling Centre

Abbey Pinder

Registered Psychologist

Accepting New Clients

I’m Abbey. My background involves a lifelong interest in psychology and passion for mental health. I received my Master’s in Forensic Psychology and started my autonomous practice in 2020. I worked in corrections for 20 years in various positions including as a psychologist before moving into the world of private practice.

I truly believe that our body and minds are built to heal themselves however; our experiences, perceptions and habits can get in our way of a fuller, richer life. I have encountered times of turmoil, confusion and pain and know the impact that these, and other emotions and experiences have had on my life and relationships.

Through my ongoing journey, I have found evidence based approaches that were of such great benefit, that I became certified in them so that I could bring awareness to and help others. What I have undergone and witnessed, is that you can feel whole again and I would be pleased to assist you in regaining yourself.

I work with individuals from diverse backgrounds who struggle with a variety of concerns and presenting issues. I utilize various therapeutic approaches in an effort to provide the most effective and efficient service to help my clients to reach their therapy goals.

I provide a client centred, trauma informed and non-judgemental approach when supporting individuals in their emotional recovery and reaching their full potential. I acknowledge that vulnerability is a big factor in therapy and therefore meet people where they are at with respect, compassion and empathy. It would be my pleasure to support you through your journey in feeling whole again.


  • A Trauma – Type 1 and Type 2
  • A Grief and Loss
  • A Adjustment Disorder – with depression, anxiety, behaviour disturbances
  • A Mood Disorders – Depression, Bipolar, Dysthymic 
  • A Personality Disorders – BPD, ASP, Schizophrenia
  • A Neurodevelopmental Disorders – ADHD, Dyslexia
  • A Suicide/Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Behaviours


  • A Master Accelerated Resolution Therapist – International Society of Accelerated Resolution Therapy
  • A Grief Recovery Specialist – The Grief Recovery Institute
  • A Certified Dialectical Behavioural Therapist (current training)
  • A Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Certified Clinical Services Provider (current training)
  • A Critical Incident Response Management
  • A Suicide Intervention/Prevention
  • A Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology
  • A Registered Psychologist (AB)

Rachelle Diamond

Registered Psychologist

Accepting New Clients

My name is Rachelle! I am a Registered Psychologist who has had a lifelong passion for mental health. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology in 2019. I completed my clinical residency in 2020 and I have been in private practice ever since. I originally got into this field because I have a brother who is autistic and deaf and I have always had people in the helping profession around me. I have worked with individuals with many different backgrounds and concerns. My specialty focus is supporting folks who experience Anxiety. I am also currently in the process of EMDR training which will be completed Oct 2022.

I am passionate about food, art, continuing to grow in my field, and spending time with those I love. I strive to be very authentic in my approach to therapy and my approach to life! I would describe myself as an extroverted introvert that loves trying new restaurants, being creative , and a good vanilla latte. I am very outgoing and social, but definitely need my alone time to recharge my battery.


  • A Generalized Anxiety
  • A Social Anxiety
  • A Panic Disorder/Panic Attacks
  • A Specific Phobias (Driving, Heights, Flying, etc.)
  • A Depression
  • A Stress/Burnout (Work, Relationships, School, etc.)
  • A Life Transitions


  • A EMDR Basic Training (in-progress)
  • A Masters In Counselling Psychology
  • A Registered Psychologist
  • A Deans List BA with a Major in Psychology
  • A The Gottman Institute level 1 Training
  • A 63 hours of clinical practice seminars (CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy) – Calgary Counselling Centre
  • A Scott Miller’s Feedback Informed Treatment Training