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Where even our name delivers! You see, Choice Point is more than just a name. It has significance in that it is foundational to the work that we do. It was chosen based off a technique in Acceptance and Commitment therapy called the Choice Point developed by Russ Harris, Ann Bailey, and Joe Ciarrochi. The Choice Point is a powerful exercise that can be used in assessment, as a psycho-educational tool, and as a therapeutic contract. It introduces various concepts of psychological flexibility, which you will see have immediate practical use in your day-to-day life. Additionally, the Choice Point exercise will assist you in clarifying your presenting concerns and highlighting the important reasons why you are seeking change in the first place.

Established in 2020, Choice Point Psychological Services was developed in response to arguably one of the most stressful years in recent history. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many challenges to an already overwhelming climate here in Alberta. Mental health concerns in Alberta were already on the rise. With increasing unemployment rates, along with a prolonged stunted economy, many individuals have felt the impact on their mental health in some way or another. Modern life is characterized by overwhelming pressure and constant hustle-and-bustle lifestyles. As we enter post-pandemic times, we will be faced with people who felt disconnected and displaced socially. People who experienced death or near-death. People who feared their health, their jobs, their communities. People who had existing struggles and who were unable to seek the help they need. We wanted to create a practice that would respond passionately to the needs of all Albertans. That is why we created our COVID Response Plan A & B and our First Responder Appreciation discount. See our fees and services page for more details.

We are honored that you have taken the time to check out ChoicePointPsychological.ca

Our hope is that you find the support you need!


Karina McGregor


“At Choice Point Psychological Services, we value your time and we want to get you on a path towards healing and transformation. You deserve outcomes and real results. We have integrated several evidence based theories to come up with an effective theoretical stance to guide us in identifying the root causes to your concerns, as well as a plan on how to assist you in moving forward.”

About the Founder

My name is Karina! I am a registered psychologist and the founder of Choice Point Psychological Services. I am passionate about mental health and I have been in the helping professions field for over 11 years. During this time, I have worked with many diverse adults, youth, and families in a variety of settings ranging from non-profit organizations, community health care, and private practice. The common theme I observed across all the professional roles I have had is that people are inherently resilient. I have had the pleasure of witnessing people from all walks of life persevering despite some of what seemed to be the most insurmountable conditions. I am constantly amazed by the strength of people and bearing witness to inner strength gives me life in this field!

​I have worked primarily in the non-profit sector and my transition to the world of private practice was not as smooth as you would think. One painfully clear observation I have made is that there seems to be a lack in long-term quality and affordable services. The average private practice seems to be designed for people who are economically well-positioned. There is hardly a middle ground and that has caused me tremendous dissonance. I wanted to design a practice that is made for everyone. Quality services with cost-saving measures available. Practitioners who are experienced working with a diversity of people and who will go the extra mile to find creative solutions so that you can access coverage. Whatever your situation, please reach out as we would love to try and assist you to get the support you need.

​In my personal life, you can expect to see me in the stands at my sons’ hockey practices or going for long walks in my community with my husband, boys and loyal pup. I am a homebody at heart, but I like to try new things and have some laughs with my select few. I like to find the light side to things and sarcasm is my thing. I look forward to getting to know one another and I welcome a free live or phone consultation to see if I am right for your journey!

Alina Rokhman

Registered Psychologist

My name is Alina! I am a Registered Psychologist here at Choice Point with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology from Athabasca University. I have worked in the social services field for 12+ years, with experience from non-profit organizations, primary health care, and private practice. This experience has fostered my ability to connect with all humans that walk through my door, no matter how heavy their challenges. I will hold space for you, no matter what.

As humans we are hardwired for connection. One of the greatest factors to influence outcomes in therapy is the relationship between client and therapist. I pride myself in bringing authentic, genuine, and compassionate care to my clients. I promote a safe and non-judgmental space for healing and self-exploration. In order to tailor my approach to each client’s unique and individual needs, I use a blend of therapy approaches, however my main approach is grounded in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I also have an interest in EMDR therapy and will be pursuing training in the near future.

I have supported people presenting with stress and anxiety, depression and low mood, behavioural issues, emotional regulation or anger difficulties, domestic abuse, life transitions, grief, substance use, self harm, and more. I also have a special interest in working with youth and emerging adult populations who are looking for a safe, modern, and “non-traditional” therapist who promises to always keep it real!

Outside of work, I enjoy group fitness, yoga, meditation, spending time with family and friends, traveling, and reading. I also have recently become a parent to a beautiful baby girl who keeps me on my toes!

I look forward to meeting you and helping to guide you on your journey.

Dr. Pinar Caglayan

Accepting New Patients

My name is Pinar. I am a registered Provisional Psychologist and I hold a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. I also am a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychological Association of Alberta. I am currently offering my psychological services with Choice Point. I have provided psychotherapy for 10 years in different settings including non-profit organizations, a University psychological clinic, and private practice.

I am specialized in Clinical/Counseling Psychology and I have supported individuals presenting with depression, anxiety disorders (panic attacks, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)), behavior change, and life transitions. My primary therapeutic approach is cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT) but I also integrate other therapeutic models including motivational interviewing and mindfulness. I tailor your treatment plan to your unique needs. I have an interest in prolonged exposure therapy and I use this modality for helping clients overcome the psychological impact of traumatic experiences.

I provide one on one treatment for adults and adolescents and my priority has always been to build a strong therapeutic relationship. I believe trust is important for us to build in order to go through the exploration process about your difficulties, as well as your strengths. I seek to understand your worldview and your values from a non-judgmental stance. For me, our collaboration and trust are the crucial part of finding your inner self and your needs. I am also able to provide psychotherapy in the Turkish language. During my graduate training, I focused my research on post-traumatic growth among motor-vehicle accident survivors.

Click below to see two of my academic publications.



Deliberate practice refers to the conscious and ongoing efforts of the therapist to cultivate his/her own self-awareness and translate this awareness into intentional actions during every part of the therapeutic experience. Here are the ways we cultivate a deliberate practice:


Clean, warm, welcoming, & safe space that engages the senses.


Purposeful selection of techniques.


Self-monitoring & self-regulating in sessions.


Practicing what we preach inside & outside of sessions.


Feedback-informed therapy.


Monthly professional consultation.


Bi-yearly continuing education.


Up to date on current literature - reading texts +databases.


Professional goal setting reviewed annually.


Our goal is to facilitate a safe and comfortable environment so that strong therapeutic relationships can develop grounded in principles of unconditional positive regard, trust, and safety. Outlined below is our commitment to you:


Transparency in delivery of services.


Fully informed consent, reiterated regularly.


Open & honest communication with your growth in mind.


Feedback requested each session.


Professional in our approach, grounded, fun and light hearted in our presence.


Our approach follows a triphasic model in that we structure sessions with three objectives in mind. We will start with objective one, but may fluctuate between all three objectives as required.


Clarify purpose of your therapy, assess your concerns, identify potential root causes, and create plan of action.


Psycho-education, skills building, and skills practice. The goal is to promote a more balanced lifestyle and improve your day-to-day life.


Reducing disturbance connected to trauma memories using EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, or somatic techniques as needed.*


Karina is professionally trained at the Master’s level and she is a Fully Registered Psychologist in Alberta. Karina holds post-graduate training in EMDR Basic Training and currently is pursuing the EMDR Certification process. Additionally, she holds advanced-level training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Ego State Therapy. She utilizes techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Somatic approaches as needed. Pinar is professionally trained at the PhD level and is a Provisionally Registered Psychologist in Alberta. Pinar holds post-graduate training in CBT and has received supervision offering Prolonged Exposure Therapy. In service of continued professional development, Pinar’s upcoming training venture will be in Prolonged Exposure Therapy in 2021.

*Varies based on psychologist

Choose with care

It is highly courageous to make the decision to pursue therapy and I feel honoured by each client inquiry that I receive. Selecting a therapist can be overwhelming, but it is highly important that you feel comfortable with the individual you choose to start your therapeutic journey with. Click below for a link that may help guide your search.