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Welcome to Choice Point Psychological

Where even our name delivers! You see, Choice Point is more than just a name. It has significance in that it is foundational to the work that we do. It was chosen based off a technique in Acceptance and Commitment therapy called the Choice Point developed by Russ Harris, Ann Bailey, and Joe Ciarrochi. The Choice Point is a powerful exercise and to us, it is symbolic of your healing journey. A Choice Point refers to a moment in time where you are faced with some kind of challenge or obstacle. You can either choose to continue behaving in patterned ways that may no longer be functional. Or, you can decide to pursue difficult but meaningful actions that are aligned with the person you want to be.

Karina, the Owner of Choice Point, found herself at her very own “Choice Point” when she decided to take a leap of faith and launch her own psychological practice. At her “Choice Point”, her husband had been recovering from PTSD as a result of chronic stress and numerous traumatic exposures during his decade-long career in EMS. Karina was working at a group practice at the time and it did not quite align for her. It was not long after that, the COVID-19 pandemic had led to the March 2020 lockdown. Facing several adversities, Karina made a series of values-guided decisions to create Choice Point Psychological Services.

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The mission at Choice Point is to offer custom, focused, and accessible mental health services to those in need. The practice fills a niche by specializing in the treatment of trauma, chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression. We assist folks working through past experiences that contribute to ongoing nervous system dysregulation and therefore worseing mental health. Karina believes she truly found herself by taking values-guided actions following the “Choice Point” she had faced. She hopes to inspire each client facing their own “Choice Point” to rediscover themselves and to take authentic action!

We are honored that you have taken the time to learn more about our practice. Our hope is that you find the support you need!


Karina McGregor


“At Choice Point Psychological Services, we value your time and we want to get you on a path towards healing and transformation. You deserve outcomes and real results. We have integrated several evidence based theories to come up with an effective theoretical stance to guide us in identifying the root causes to your concerns, as well as a plan on how to assist you in moving forward.”

What We Do

Using a focused approach, we want to help you uncover root causes to your day-to-day concerns. Are you over stressed, short of time, energy, or motivation? What drives your daily actions? What are you doing to cope? Is it aligned with the person you want to be? What is happening internally while faced with stress? In what ways are painful past learnings keeping you stuck?

At Choice Point, our approach can benefit a variety of folks on the mental health continuum. While we do not claim to treat every mental health condition, we do know that we all can benefit from working through our stress and past trauma. We will tailor our approach to your unique case. If you are looking to improve your daily life through personal growth, professional development, academic performance, and overall lifestyle enhancement, our approach is for you!

Likewise, if you have gone through childhood trauma, single event trauma, or chronic stress, we can apply our unique approach to your specific case to get you on a path to truly living according to your values and highest potential.



Deliberate practice refers to the conscious and ongoing efforts of the therapist to cultivate his/her own self-awareness and translate this awareness into intentional actions during every part of the therapeutic experience. Here are the ways we cultivate a deliberate practice:

  • A Clean, warm, welcoming, & safe space that engages the senses.
  • A Purposeful selection of techniques.
  • A Self-monitoring & self-regulating in sessions.
  • A Practicing what we preach inside & outside of sessions.
  • A Feedback-informed therapy.
  • A Monthly professional consultation.
  • A Bi-yearly continuing education.
  • A Up to date on current literature – reading texts +databases.
  • A Professional goal setting reviewed annually.


Our goal is to facilitate a safe and comfortable environment so that strong therapeutic relationships can develop grounded in principles of unconditional positive regard, trust, and safety. Outlined below is our commitment to you:

  • A Transparency in delivery of services.
  • A Fully informed consent, reiterated regularly.
  • A Open & honest communication with your growth in mind.
  • A Feedback requested each session.
  • A Professional in our approach, grounded, fun and light hearted in our presence.


Our approach follows a triphasic model in that we structure sessions with three objectives in mind. We will start with objective one, but may fluctuate between all three objectives as required.

  • A Clarify purpose of your therapy, assess your concerns, identify potential root causes, and create plan of action.
  • A Psycho-education, skills building, and skills practice. The goal is to promote a more balanced lifestyle and improve your day-to-day life.
  • A Reducing disturbance connected to trauma memories using EMDR, Prolonged Exposure, or somatic techniques as needed.*


We do not identify as generalists! We have each taken numerous professional trainings, read a variety of professional literature, and received supervision in particular areas of interest. Each of us have our unique areas of expertise and we all identify as life long learners. We will only provide you services that are consistent with our existing skillset, knowledge, and abilities. We are happy to provide referrals to other services, as needed.

Choose with care

It is highly courageous to make the decision to pursue therapy and we feel honoured by each client inquiry that we receive. Selecting a therapist can be overwhelming, but it is highly important that you feel comfortable with the individual you choose to start your therapeutic journey with. Click below for a link that may help guide your search.